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Public Insurance Adjusters are the only property loss professionals licensed to work on behalf of policyholders. We are your advocates during the entire complicated insurance claims process. We are experts in home and business policy language.

When you do not have good neighbors, you're not in good hands and no one is on your side. You need a Public Insurance Adjuster to stand with you and get you back where you belong. We do not get paid until you do!

Fire Claim

Public Insurance Adjuster

Home and Commercial

Public Insurance Adjusters are the only property loss professionals licensed to work on behalf of policyholders.

Hurricane Claim

Loss Consultants

Fire, Hurricane, Water

We are your advocates during the entire complicated insurance claims process.

Appraisal / Umpire

Home and Commercial

We are able to appraise your loss if your insurance adjuster’s are unable to come to a mutual settlement.

Pre Loss Consultants

Home and Commercial

We are able to review and document your commercial or residential property before a loss occurs.

Yearly Policy Review

Do you know what’s in your policy?

We are able to review your policy during the renewal process to confirm you are fully covered.


Access To Your File

At PSA we believe in full transparency! We believe this is the only way to operate when utmost good faith may be in question. We share your file with you from the beginning. Our clients can follow along with their claim in real time. From the time the contract is signed we share your file with you via an email link. Login at any time to check progress and see that we are working hard for you behind the scenes. The PSA team wants you to be informed every step of the way. Our clients can view all photos, documents, notes and communications that take place during the claim process.

Why? We want you to see the ugly truth of insurance claims! Ask your Insurance company if they are willing to do the same.

Matterport 3D

Get a complete 3D Matterport Scan of your home or business. Click the button below to explore a sample property!

The Burden of Proof is on YOU! What better way to prove what you had prior to a catastrophic loss!


What is a Public Insurance Adjuster?

A Public Insurance Adjuster is the only licensed professional that is able to adjust claims on behalf of a policy holder.

How long will this take?

The state of Indiana does not impose specific timelines on insurance companies responding to or settling claims. Despite this, we build the best case possible for you and settle as quickly as possible.

How much do you charge?

We earn a small percentage of your claim. We do not get paid unless you do and not until you do!

How are claims paid?

Most insurance claims have multiple checks issued. Check #1 is the ACV(Actual Cash Value) of your claim. Prior to repairs/replacement of damaged property. Check #2 is the RCV (Recoverable Depreciation) After the repairs/replacement of your damaged property. Check #3 (4,5,6 etc.) will be the supplemental amounts that we are able to recover for you.

What if I already have a contractor?

That’s great, we are not contractors. Make sure your contractor is aware you are using a Public Insurance Adjuster and is familiar with the insurance claim process. They can contact us with any questions! Getting quotes is not necessary, the valuation (estimate) we prepare will be sufficient for any reputable contractor to make the necessary repairs.

How much of the insurance check do I get to keep?

Insurance proceeds are only to be used to repair/replace damaged property. Materials, labor and General Contractor Overhead and Profit should all be paid to your contractor. In some instances ALE (Additional Living Expenses) and BI (Loss of Business Income) will be paid, that will be yours to keep as this is money you lost while your claim was in process and repairs were being made. *Policy holders profiting from an insurance claim is illegal!

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