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We hold them to the policy you pay for!

Public Insurance Adjusters are the only property loss professionals licensed to work on behalf of policyholders. We are your advocates during the entire complicated insurance claims process. We are experts in home and business policy language.

When you do not have good neighbors, you're not in good hands and no one is on your side. You need a Public Insurance Adjuster to stand with you and get you back where you belong. -PSA

We do not get paid until you do!

Public Insurance Adjuster

Our mission is to serve policyholders with integrity, pride and in good faith. To provide you with prompt and professional service. To advocate on your behalf using industry experience and continuing education. To use all available and reputable resources to provide you the best possible outcome for your claim.

Different Types of Claims

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When you suffer a property loss, the insurer (aka the insurance company), sends out their own adjuster to tell you how much they think they should pay you for the repairs. There is a whole lot wrong with that approach. It is unfair to you, the policy holder, who pays their premiums for years to decades. Policy holders are relying on adjusters to assess the damage, determine the correct method of repair, and cost of that repair. There are only three entities that can legally settle a claim:


An INSURANCE/INDEPENDENT ADJUSTER is a person licensed as an all-lines adjuster who is self-appointed or appointed and employed by an insurance company or an independent adjusting firm. An independent adjuster settles the claim within the best interest of the insurance company.

2.) The ATTORNEY May file suit against your insurance company on your behalf.


A PUBLIC ADJUSTER is a professional claims adjuster who advocates for the policyholder in appraising and negotiating a claimant’s insurance claim. Aside from attorneys, and independent adjusters, state-licensed Public Adjusters can legally represent the rights of an insured during the claims process. Their technical expertise and ability to interpret the sometimes ambiguous insurance policies, allow the property owners the ability to receive the maximum amount of indemnification for their claims. The PIA settles claims bearing the interests of the policy holder.

Why use a Public Adjuster?

• We are a voice for YOU.
You can get back to your life while we handle your case

What services do we provide?

  • Review your policy and determine all applicable coverage and entitlements
  • Document all damage in writing and photos
  • Estimate construction and replacement costs
  • Calculate losses like additional living expenses, business interruptions, etc.
  • Ensure you are able to recover the full amount you are due


Access To Your File

At PSA we believe in full transparency! We believe this is the only way to operate when utmost good faith may be in question. We share your file with you from the beginning. Our clients can follow along with their claim in real time. From the time the contract is signed we share your file with you via an email link. Login at any time to check progress and see that we are working hard for you behind the scenes. The PSA team wants you to be informed every step of the way. Our clients can view all photos, documents, notes and communications that take place during the claim process.

Why? We want you to see the ugly truth of insurance claims! Ask your Insurance company if they are willing to do the same.