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Loss Consultants

Loss Consultants

Fire, Hurricane, Storm

PSA’s loss consultants have extensive knowledge, experience, and training for various types of claims from fire to water to wind damage. They begin with gathering the claim information from the insured, schedule an extensive inspection, and generate estimates and reports that are easy to understand.

When you do not have good neighbors, you're not in good hands and no one is on your side. You need a Public Insurance Adjuster to stand with you and get you back where you belong. -PSA

We do not get paid until you do!


Do not give up, call us! Do not feel overwhelmed. Do not feel defeated. Do not feel inadequate. An insurance claim can be just as complex and time consuming to navigate as doing taxes on a corporation when you are not an accountant. It is unreasonable to expect a policy holder to navigate this grueling process alone. To decipher policy language as it applies to your loss, fulfill your duties after a loss and negotiate every penny you are rightfully owed. We are experts in our profession, and we are exceptionally passionate about what we do. We take on the excuses, the bullying, and the incompetence so that you do not have to. Calling us ensures you receive a fair settlement, and without any other disruptions to your daily life.

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Access To Your File

At PSA we believe in full transparency! We believe this is the only way to operate when utmost good faith may be in question. We share your file with you from the beginning. Our clients can follow along with their claim in real time. From the time the contract is signed we share your file with you via an email link. Login at any time to check progress and see that we are working hard for you behind the scenes. The PSA team wants you to be informed every step of the way. Our clients can view all photos, documents, notes and communications that take place during the claim process.

Why? We want you to see the ugly truth of insurance claims! Ask your Insurance company if they are willing to do the same.